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The Object-Oriented PHP Cryptography Framework

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Project Description

CryptoMañana (CryptoManana) is a PHP cryptography framework that provides object-oriented solutions for boosting your project’s security. The code base of the project follows the S.O.L.I.D/KISS/DRY principles and implements a few popular Software Design Patterns. The software framework provides a fully functional cryptography model with a vast of cryptography primitives and protocols. It is very useful for secure hashing, encryption, key exchange, data signing, random data generation and even more. CryptoMañana is here to make your development faster and more secure!

Developer: Tony Karavasilev

Project Installation

# Install the package at your project via Composer
composer require karavasilev/cryptomanana

# Optionally, check if your system is well-configured
php vendor/karavasilev/cryptomanana/check.php

Project Requirements

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The Technical Documentation

The API Documentation (generated via phpDocumentor)
The Agile Documentation (generated via PHPUnit)

The Framework Documentation

The Framework Manual